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Custom Made Tailoring Services for Men and Women

Built on our founding principle, our work at the atelier is emphasised  on quality and craftsmanship.
Tailoring  gives you the freedom to truly customise a garment to fit your unique measurements.  Size, length, design and material are all selected
o mach your needs and expectations. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand with the interior of the garment being  of the same calibre
as the exterior.  
Hidden construction in the interior allows the garment to hold its shape long term.

Theres no limit to what can be sewn. Every shape and pattern can be embroidered from scratch to match the customers expectation.  

A personalised pattern is designed for each customer individually to fit his/hers unique measurements.  

Bespoke Suiting calls for traditional tailoring techniques. Haired Canvas is hand sewn onto the suits to offer the unique fit and shape only bespoke garments hold. 

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